Electricity prices in Spain are amongst the highest in Europe, exceeded only by Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Ireland. In recent years, prices have been on the rise, increasing from an average price of 0.2165 € / kilowatt-hour in 2014 and peaking in 2018 at 0.2477 € / kilowatt-hour (source: eurostat). With fluctuating costs and numerous supply options, paying for electricity in Spain is not as straight forward as one would expect.

Avg. electricity prices all taxes and levies included (source: eurostat)

Costs of Electricity in Spain

In 2018, the cost of electricity in Spain reached the highest it had been in approximately 10 years; clocking in at €74.58 per megawatt per hour.

Currently, the price for electricity in Spain is €28.74 per 100 kilowatt-hour.

However, due to the complex billing system in Spain, these costs can fluctuate on a daily basis, and even though the price drops occasionally, by the end of 2018, it still managed to reach the highest it had been in 20 years.

Spanish Electricity Explained

Because tariffs fluctuate, it’s important to know your average consumption in order to understand your monthly electrical bill.

Knowing what a kilowatt-hour is will help you understand your energy consumption needs and will help you find ways to cut back, saving you on your monthly electricity costs in Spain.

A kilowatt-hour (kWh) is the amount of energy you would use by running a 1000-watt appliance for one hour.

For example, letting a 100-watt bulb burn continuously for 10 hours will consume one kWh of energy. Whereas a 2000-watt home appliance would take half an hour to use one kWh.

Therefore, it’s important that you know the number of watts in each appliance you intend on using so that you know how much electricity you’ll be consuming and how much it will cost you.

Calculating Electricity Cost in Spain

Once you know the wattage of your appliances, you can then use those values to calculate the cost of running each appliance.

Below are some of the most widely used household appliances with an average estimation of the number of watts it requires to power each one:

  • 50 inch LED Television: 0.016 kWh per hour
  • Electric dishwashers: 2 kWh per load
  • Most ovens: 2.3 kWh per hour
  • Electric water heater: 380-500 kWh per month
  • Refrigerator: 54 kWh per month
  • Clothes Washer: 2.3 kWh per load
  • Clothes Dryer: 2.5 – 4.0 kWh per load
  • Air Conditioner: 3.0 kWh per hour

These are all estimated values and will depend on the model of the appliance as well as the various settings you use for each one; hot or cold washes, maximum or minimum heat.

How to Calculate your Electricity Usage

By following this simple guide, you can calculate how much power your household and all it’s appliances will need to operate throughout the day.

  • First, make a list of all your appliances from your iron to your refrigerator and write down the number of watts consumed by each appliance
  • In the next column, write down approximately how many hours a day you make use of the appliance
  • Lastly, make the calculation using this formula:
    1. Watts X hours used = watt-hours per day
    2. Watt-hours per day / 1000 kilowatts = kWh used per day
    3. kWh used per day X 30 days in a month = kWh per month used
    4. kWh per month X rate per kWh = monthly running cost

For example:

A dishwasher uses 1200 watts and runs for 2 hours a day

  1. 1200 watts X 2 hours = 2400 watt-hours per day
  2. 2400 watts / 1000 kilowatts = 2.4 kWh
  3. 2.4kWh per day X 30 days in a month = 72kWh per month
  4. 72kWh X €0.2874 = €21