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How To Change Electricity Supplier In Spain

Changing electricity supplier in Spain is a very straightforward process as many, if not most, suppliers take care of all the practicalities on behalf of the customer. This means that when you sign up with a new energy provider, the process of switching is essentially automatic and you will not experience any disruption in service. That said, it can take anywhere from 2 to 20 days from when you sign up with a new supplier for the change to be finalized, depending on your existing distributor. During this period you will not experience any disruptions to your electricity.

change electricity supplier in spain

Once you sign up with a new electricity provider, they will automatically cancel your current contract, though you should be aware of any conditions that apply upon cancellation of your existing contract. For example, cancellation may involve a cancellation fee, or other costs, which will be specific to your current electricity supplier.

    How Much Does It Cost To Switch Electricity Supplier In Spain

    With the exception of cancellation fees, switching electricity supplier is generally cost free as suppliers do not charge a switching fee. In addition, many companies provide a free analysis of your electricity bill to see how much you can save by switching electricity provider. Finally, you are able to continue using the same meter, so no expenses are incurred here either.

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